soybean beneficial for human skin

Soybean plants are the nuts contain many nutrients and phyto-and very healthful than that of soybean is also easy to obtain and its price is affordable, more unique is that soybeans contain a substance called fitoestrogen active isoflavon property isoflavon this estrogen-like hormone that is very useful for skin health.

With mencerna isoflavon regularly, can improve skin elasticity, lho, so it can reduce the contraction in the face and reduce the effects penuaan early. According to dr Deby Susanti Vinski, beautician and anti-aging graduate of France, isoflavon have the facts as follows:
1. Maintain hormone balance.
2. Function as antioxidants so that the effect on increasing the kelembapan skin.
3. Can be found in the plants and nuts. However, the most high found in soybean.

Then how isoflavon beauty can affect the skin? Based on research in 2005, from 26 women aged 30-40 years, after mengonsumsi isoflavon for 3 weeks, evidently become more elastic skin.

According to dr Deby, this is at once the substance has isoflavon able to reduce the wrinkling of the skin and stimulates the formation of collagen, in addition:
2. Isoflavon not only able to maintain the beauty of the skin, but it is also able to improve the metabolism of fat, and control body weight.
3. When the skin and the body is outside the physical beauty that can be treated by isoflavon, beauty is in the body able to be treated by isoflavon.
4. At the time of menopause occurs, hormone estrogen and is no longer a decrease in the production of the body. As a result, often have problems such as difficulty sleeping, and skin wrinkles. Similarity with the nature isoflavon substances hormone estrogen makes this so great and is able to prevent the rate penuaan early.
For the readers of this material to the skin faster and naturally beautiful in the outside, it's eating food that contains isoflavon. eat the natural vegetation is better than eating the chemicals even visible from the village but many of its functions and its benefits.

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