benefits of green tea for the human body

Green tea is a beverage pengulur age. Studies in Norway show that they are diligent at least a cup of tea a day can be a death rate. Research subject with other human longevity (families) in the Netherlands produce findings that the risk of death due to heart disease decreased along with the tea habit.

This also has proven itself in the Chinese community who have aged more than 100 years. 'In Indonesia, the age of 50 years died considered normal. Moreover, death due to disease degeneratif. Tea is one of the ways to prevent disease degenaratif.

History of the Chinese green tea (camelia sinensis) began to use as a drink since 2700 years before Christ in the Dynasty Emperor Shen Nung, but recorded in the dictionary on the ancient 350 years before Christ. Around 200 years before Christ in the Chinese medicinal plants mentioned tealeaf nutritious remove poisons from the body.

In the Japanese tradition of drinking tea came from China around the tenth century BC-6. Since then, green tea, known nutritious start to health and is used in the sailing crew far.

Research on green tea continue to be done in 2004 diketahuilah thoroughly the components in green tea as powerful antioxidants, which is able to avert the attack of free radicals that cause interference on the degeneration human organs, including the incidence of various types of cancer, including in esofagus (channel food to the side entrance), stomach, pancreas, intestine, rectum, bladder, prostat,
even the lung and breast.

Nutritious components of tea antioxidants. From at least seven components have four important components of the type of polyphenol in tea catechin groups that act as powerful antioxidants, which are:

1) epigallocatechin-3 gallat (EGCG),

2) epigallocatechin (EGC),

3) epicatechin-3 gallat (ECG).

EGCG is the most powerful, 100 times vitamin C and vitamin E. 25 times Polyphenol is easily dissolved in water, including this group of flavonoid group that is usually found in fruits, vegetables, coffee, chocolate and wine. Form their own free radicals in the body naturally. This molecule can be harmful to human cells. People suspect that this is one of the molecular causes of cancer, including various types of other diseases such as heart disease and penuaan.

Gynecology polifenol compound which is very much in green tea act as a protective against cancer. Polifenol are in a very powerful antioxidants. This compound will neutralize free radicals that cause cancer have become.

Biological function in health from a variety of types, a lot of green tea are recommended for consumption because of the benefits berlipat.Tak only as powerful antioxidants, fight heart disease or prevent inflammation, but the green tea have a 'seabrek' benefits that you should not ignore. What? Yuk we see:

¨ As antioxidants that neutralize free radicals

¨ useful against disease kardiovaskular & Preventing heart disease

¨ Reduce cholesterol in the blood.

¨ stimulate a decrease in body weight.

¨ Preventing the development of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori causes stomach ache,

mikroflora support growth in the intestine and diarrhea.

¨ protect kidney function by pressing the effect of poisoning uremik

¨ Prevent pelubangan teeth and gum disease.

¨ Eliminate mouth odor (deodorisasi).

¨ slow the process of a cataract.

¨ Indicate the nature of anti-virus and anti-microbe.

¨ The nature of "chemoprevention" (to prevent damage to cells through a process

¨ Protecting skin from ultraviolet rays.

¨ Menghambat lung damage due to tobacco.

¨ Protecting the heart

¨ It provides protection against acute pankreatitis.

¨ Maintain esofagus stay healthy.

¨ Protecting layer side.

¨ Preventing the growth of breast tumor and prostat

¨ Protecting power remember

¨ Creator ageless

In addition to the above, anti-catechin also alergik, namely prevent terbentuknya histamin which is the reaction when the body fell ill alergen cause of allergy. Research shows that a cup of green tea has anti-oksidan power greater than one portion of broccoli, carrot, spinach or strawberry.

Below is described some of the explanation of the biological research

1. Summary of antioxidants
The nature of green tea antioxidants able to protect cellular DNA from oxidation damage of free radicals so that the growth of such cells
wild or tame tumor can be prevented.

2. Benefits kardiovaskular against disease and cholesterol content in
Studies epidemiologis (research on the causes of disease) show
that those who drink green tea four cups or more each day the risk is smaller for affected aterosklerosis (stoppage of blood vessel) and heart disease koroner.Teh green lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower serum total cholesterol and trigliserida total. Conversely, black tea (tea that is diragikan) no effect whatsoever on the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

3. Stimulate weight reduction.
Increase the occurrence of green tea fat burning and body play an important role in controlling the composition of the human body.

4. Prevent the bacteria H. Pylori, the cause stomach ache, mikroflora a useful increase in the intestine and treat diarrhea. H. Pylori bacteria is a cause of gastritis and off the alimentary tract diseases, including cancer. Green tea component, especially ECGC give effect to the healing of H. Pylori infection is. Polyphenol from green tea to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the alimentary tract, among others, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium that enhance immunity. In addition, the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium perfrigens, Clostridium difficle, even bacteria Escherichia coli.

5. Protection of the formation of kidney toxicity uremik.
Kidney major role in removing the oxygen-oxygen that is not useful produced by metabolism in the body. Kidneys have more ability to maintain its function and to meregenerasi organnya. Cumulation-toxic poison uremik in the kidney result in decreased kidney function in the mark-by symptoms of uremia or kidney failure. This poison-poison are metilamin, acid guani-dino-sukkinat and metilguanidin. Metilguanidin coming from kreatinin is bebagai cause diseases such as Anorexia (poor appetite), Ulcer (tukak stomach), neuropati (interference nervous system) and anemia (lack of red blood). Polyphenol in green tea production hit metilguanidin visible measure of the decrease in blood serum metilguanidin after drinking green tea for some time. (Experiment lasted up to six months).

6. Hole teeth and prevent gum disease.
The second is caused by the growth of the bacteria-mouth. Green tea clearly reduce the number of harmful bacteria, including streptococci in the mouth and prevent the occurrence of plaque (coral) teeth. Gum disease occur because of gum inflammation due to infection of the bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis. Green tea can reduce the bacteria was evident in the layer of gum so that the mouth to make more healthy.

7. Deodorisasi effect in the mouth.
Sulfur compound made in the mouth like some sulfide and methylmercaptan as a result of the decomposition of protein by enzyme and bacteria cause mouth odor (halitosis) after eating. Green tea is able to reduce
symptoms of halitosis in this light.

8. Slow pemburaman lens in the process of cataracts.
Suspected to arise due to cataracts terbentuknya oksidan a reactive type of peroxide (from, among others, free radicals), which attacks the cells so that the lens slowly becomes blurred. ECGC was able to stop this process by pressing pemburaman increase terbentuknya peroxide. Thus terbukti ECGC in green tea can prevent or slow the occurrence of cataracts.

9. Antiviral effect and antimikrobial
The virus entered the human body through the skin, sexual organs, respiratory and digestion. The virus contains its own DNA or RNA so that they can take advantage berkembangbiak with human cells. Green tea was able to affect virus biosintesa between the cells is the human protein, so it concluded catechin from green tea can be useful to prevent or treat various disturbances caused virus-virus, among other pathogenic DNA viruses: adenovirus, herpes, smallpox, and the virus RNA: retrovirus (the causes of HIV / AIDS). Some type of retrovirus and herpes are also stimulates the growth of cancer. Common symptoms of virus infection is caused fever, weakness, poor appetite and poisoned. In addition to prevention through Sintesa DNA and RNA at the top, green tea extracts are also against the virus-antiviral influenza virus, herpes simplex, Coxsackie virus B6 and polio. Conclude that shows the ability of green tea against the "bacterial
cytotoxicity "(poisoned by bacteria in the cells) and the ability to fight viruses and bacteria.

10. Prevention Chemicals (Chemoprevention).
Eating habits and patterns of living that the health such as eating lots of fat, flavor and the pickle and also stimulate smoking, drinking alcohol and eating fewer vegetables and fruits cause various health disturbances due to degeneration. Crashes are hypertension (high blood), heart trouble, stroke and cancer. Term prevention Chemicals (Chemoprevention) Cancer Treatment with different because the main goal here is to reduce the likelihood of a cancer risk. Because of this pattern in healthy living, food and supplements that contain substances antikarsinogen must have food in the day-to-day.

Research shows that drinking green tea in large numbers, especially the more than 10 cups a day to provide great benefits for human health, including chemical prevention of cancer, including cancers of the digestive system esofagus (food channel between the mouth and stomach) to the stomach, intestine and rectum . Green tea is also a growing cause of leukemia virus in the blood even ECGC terbukti able to kill leukemia cells that there is a general in the United States.

Benefits of chemical prevention of cancer with green tea is no security without side effects, cheap and quickly prepare them.

11. Protect the skin against ultra-violet rays.
Gynecology polyphenol in green tea is able to prevent the occurrence of cancer and inflammation in the skin. If be smeared on the skin, he was able to protect the skin from ultra-violet rays and substances-substances that stimulate the skin of a tumor. Benefits are also obtained when green tea is drunk. At this time there has been skin cream protective against ultra-violet rays that green tea contains components called epigallo.

12. Prevent damage to the lungs by tobacco.
Drinking green tea prevents the occurrence of tumor in the lung caused by tobacco in the womb karsinogen, the various compound nitrosamine.

13. Protect the heart
As antioxidants that combat free radicals that cause damage
cells, green tea increase enzyme activity enzyme-defense body superoksid dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase and katalase protect the heart, lungs, skin, milk gland and digestive system. Other research shows green tea's ability to provide protection against penuaan brain. (The enzyme-enzyme see this article PENUAAN this blogspot).

14. Protect against acute pankreatitis.
Controlled study of a large number of residents in Shanghai showed the reduced risk of colon cancer, rectum and pancreas. After giving polyphenol from green tea as much as 500 mg / kg body weight per day, in fact decrease the number of people affected by cancer pancreas.

15. Keeping esofagus remain healthy
Esofagus cancer is on the order of nine to cancer that occurs in many of the world. Approximately 300,000 new cases are reported each year, while 80% of them occur in developing countries. As for other types of cancer, green tea is able to prevent it when drunk regularly.

16. Protecting the skin layer side.
Epidemiologis study also shows that those who drink green tea regularly exposed to the risk of cancer in the lower layer of skin lambungnya. This is because EGCG's ability to prevent the occurrence of cancer on the surface of the gland in the stomach.

17. Prostat prevent tumor growth and breast.
Reports from several countries in Asia showed low prostat cases and breast cancer in areas that have a habit to drink green tea daily.

18. Remember to protect the power
Green tea also seems to keep the brain remain 'sharp' danger from senility. Adults who drink green tea for at least two cups a day does not seem to have serious cognitive problems than those who drank tea less than this amount. Why? Once again because of the high dose of antioxidants in tea that fight free radicals that can potentially damage the nerves of the brain such as that appears on Parkinson and Alzheimer patients.

19. Creator ageless
Well this is the most important young and healthy arterial you, then you also impact the look healthier and younger. So fight plaque buried in a blood vessel that will increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Add age and biological energy mengonsumsi with green tea. How many doses to be consumed? About 10 oz green tea per day which will hinder the body absorb fat and cholesterol clog arterial.

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