Benefits of aloe vera plants

Did you know Benefits of Aloe vera for face, hair, body and health? certainly plants that are also known as aloe vera plant that is not familiar to us. Although already known for a long time, but few people know the benefits and efficacy of this plant.

It turns out the aloe vera leaf contains several substances that are very good for beauty treatments and medications. Aloe vera (Aloe Vera Linn) has been known for thousands of years ago.
This plant originated from Africa. Aloe vera into Indonesia brought by Chinese peasants in the 17th century. The name for these plants vary widely, depending on the country in which to grow.

Aloe vera can grow in arid regions, like Africa, Asia and America. This is due to the plant could close the stomata (mouths) of leaves until the meeting in the dry season to avoid water loss from leaves. Aloe vera can also grow in cold climates. The disadvantage, if planted in wet areas with high rainfall, susceptible to fungus.

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